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Gardening Tips for April

The gardening season is now well under way so here are a few tips to help you along in your garden during April

  1. Tidy up your faded spring blooms.  Dead head daffodils, tulips etc. But leave the green leaves to die back naturally.  This will help bulbs recharge their energy for next year’s flowers
  2. Your lawn will have sprung into life this month and the regular mowing routine will have started again.  Get your lawn in shape for the summer by applying fertiliser. Rake out any moss and remove any stubborn weeds carefully with a trowel.  Repair any bare patches with a lawn repair pack.  Loosely dig over the surface and add a good quality lawn seed.  Lightly cover with compost and water in carefully.
  3. Get your pond ready for the spring and summer.  Check and clean your pond pump and filter so everything is working well and carefully remove any Blanket Weed before it starts to take hold and cause problems later.
  4. Protect new growth from slugs and snails.  If possible use pet and animal friendly products to control the munching pests!
  5. Plant some summer flowering bulbs in pots, these are ideal for instant colour to fill gaps in borders later in the Summer.  We have a wide selection to choose from at Whiteleys
  6. You can start to sow vegetable seeds directly into the ground now.  Carrots, Peas, Beetroot, Winter Cabbage and Broccoli can all be sown directly into your veg plot.
  7. Tomato plants are now available to buy.  We have a wide range of varieties at Whiteleys, or you can grow your own from seed in the greenhouse or propagator.  You can also sow Courgettes, Pumpkins, Squashes and Marrows in the greenhouse.
  8. Look after the birds.  It’s their busiest time of the year, nest building and feeding young.  Provide fresh clean water and maintain feeding.  Check your bushes and shrubs for nests before doing any pruning.
  9. This is an ideal time to split herbaceous perennials.  By lifting and dividing you encourage more vigorous growth and also create free, extra plants at the same time!
  10. Give your beds and borders an extra boost now the growing season is well under way by digging in a layer of manure or well rotted compost or alternatively fork in some pelleted poultry manure or fish, blood and bone.

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