Gardening Tips for May (Small)

Gardening Tips For May

The gardening season is now well under way so here are a few tips to help you along in your garden during May

  1. Tidy up your faded spring blooms.  Dead head daffodils, tulips etc.  This will help them recharge their bulbs for next year’s flowers
  2. Your lawn will be growing quite quickly now so mow once a week. This is a good time to repair any bare or damaged patches.  Loosely dig over the surface and add a good quality lawn seed.  Lightly cover with compost and water in carefully.
  3. Plant your vegetables out, either sow in seed form or plant from pre-grown, we have a selection of vegetable plants available.
  4. Tomato plants are now available to buy.  We have a wide range of varieties at Whiteleys, £1.29 each, or you can grow your own from seed in the greenhouse or propagator.  You can also sow Courgettes, Pumpkins, Squashes and Marrows in the greenhouse.
  5. Protect new growth from slugs and snails.  If possible use pet and animal friendly products to control the munching pests!
  6. Plant out your summer bedding plants and plant up containers and hanging baskets in preparation for a bright and colourful summer display.  This is best done towards the end of the month particularly if the weather is still cool.  Beware of late frosts even at the end of May.
  7. Keep on top of the weeding.  They thrive at this time of the year.
  8. Look after the birds.  It’s their busiest time of the year, nest building and feeding young.  Provide fresh clean water and maintain feeding.  Check your bushes and shrubs for nests before doing any pruning.
  9. Watch out for garden insects and treat accordingly.  Vine Weevils appear at this time of year as temperatures rise and they can be particularly troublesome.
  10. On warm sunny days don’t forget to give your planted containers and baskets a drink.  They soon dry out especially if its breezy.  Water first thing in the morning or later in the evening.

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