Plants & Gardening

Let us help you to transform your garden with our range of plants.

Planting it right

We always recommended you to learn first the most about the area you are working in before you start to build your garden. We can help you to keep your garden plants in top condition. It all starts bottom up with the soil. A few good things to consider are what type of soil are you planting in? How well drained is the area? How exposed to the wind and how much sun does the area receive on average? We offer an extensive range of growing media- John Innes, Westland Jack Magic, New Horizon Organic Compost and Top Soil. We also have a range of horticultural grit for adding extra drainage or as top dressing.


Shrubs provide a permanent structure for any garden or boarder. They can be evergreen or deciduous and can be grown for their beauty of colourful leaves and flowers. All shrubs can be pruned if needed to contain or shape or structure. Some need to be pruned each year to help produce the best flowering performance. We have many shrubs located in our plant centre. For guidance on which may be best suited for your garden space why not speak to one of our team members today?


Climbing plants are invaluable for covering walls and fences with beautiful flowers and attractive foliage. Smaller climbing plants are great to wrap around obelisks when planted in either the ground or a container.

Pond Plants

Pond plants are an amazing way to decorate and bring an aquatic space to life. Adding beauty and colour they help to clear the water by reducing the sun’s rays, slowing down the spreading of algae. Pond plants produce homes for many aquatic species, produce shelter for fish and help to produce oxygen. Giving you an all-round healthy and balanced pond to enjoy.

Planting with a purpose

Plants can be used in many ways to enhance the gardens we love. Plants that absorb pollutants from the air. This is particularly helpful for those of us living in built up areas or near busy roads. Growing a garden that’s friendly to bees and other helpful insects can be great fun. It helps pollination and brings out even better performance to many of your loved plants.

Pests and diseases

If your plant is not looking it's best, whether it's got pests, diseases or a nutrient deficiency our plant centre team can identify/diagnose the problem. We have a range of organic and inorganic products available to remedy a variety of problems. Such as the ever-popular Slug-Gone wool pellets - a natural way to deter slugs and snails.

Feeding your plants

Plants need food to grow and flourish. We offer a range of liquid and slow release fertilisers such as Miracle Grow/Tomorite/Osmocote. If your leaves are turning yellow they may have become deficient in certain nutrients, we offer a range of tonic products such as Sequestered Iron and Sulphate of potash.

Weeding right

Weeds can compete with your plant for space, water and nutrients. If you looking for a product to spray that is non-glyphosphate why not try Resolva Zero Weedkiller which is non-hazardous to bees.

Lawn Care

We have a selection of lawn seed for starting new lawn with Evergreen Grass Seed or filling gaps with Miraclegro Patch Magic, ideal time for seeding is in either April or September due to environmental conditions being warm and moist. Lawns require regular maintenance to lush and green.

Early in the year moss control can be undertaken in Feb and March. Ferrous sulphate can be applied, which can be bought combined with fertiliser in Westlands Lawn Sand as is also a good time to give your lawn its spring feed. Moss often grows in shady areas where ground conditions are poor due to soil compaction and poor drainage, this things should try to be alleviated to reduce the moss problem long term. If you are after a bowling-green-standard lawn a selective broadleaf weed killer such as Weedol can be applied in March and April. Alternatively you can enjoy the added biodiversity that daisies and dandelions bring to your grass area, the bugs and bees will be grateful! You can still keep the lawn looking neat by mowing to a consistent height. Mowing can be undertaken from March til October depending on the weather conditions, don't mow if ground is frozen or waterlogged. If it is a new lawn you will need to water while it is establishing, particularly if is laid turf. If it is an established lawn there is increasing shift in opinion against watering lawns from mains water for environmental reason to conserve water/not to waste water. Grass is remarkably tough and though will go brown in periods of drought, will so be a lush green again when the rain comes.

September to October is a busy time in lawn care. Is the time to Scarify, which is raking the lawn to remove thatch and moss. We have rakes available for this. Aerating the lawn improves drainage, relieves compaction and allows air to the grass roots, holes can be made to a depth of up to 15cm either with a garden fork or specialised aerator. Top Dressing is the application of sand, peat and loam mixture to the surface of the lawn to fill in any indentations and can improve soil structure. An autumn lawn feed provides potash which will strengthen your grass against frost.

Winter - time off from lawn care! Can cause harm walking on frozen ground.

Our Food Menus

Breakfast menu 9:00-11:30am

Full breakfast £6.95 special breakfast £4.99
2 sausage, 3 bacon, 2 hash browns, 1 bacon, 1 sausage, grilled tomato,
2 eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, baked beans, hash brown, mushroom,
Grilled tomato egg, toast
*eggs: fried, poached or scrambled
* vegetarian sausage available
* any extra items 75p

Bacon sandwich - £3.45
Sausage sandwich - £3.45
Any egg on toast - £2.99
Currant t-cake served with butter & jam - £2.25
Toast – 50p a slice

Breakfast wrap - £4.99
To include sausage, bacon, hash brown, scrambled egg & cheese

Eggs benedict - £5.99
Eggs royale - £5.99

* should you have any allergies or intolerances please speak to a member of staff*