New Face Covering Technology at Whiteleys Garden Centre

Covered technology by Videcon has been designed to help protect customers and members of public, and to support businesses in adapting to government regulations requiring people to wear face coverings in any indoor space. These regulations have been introduced as a response to the rising numbers of positive COVID-19 cases in the UK, and the system is one of the opportunities for retailers and other businesses to support the national effort in suppressing the virus.

Whilst the system encourages people to wear face-coverings within designated premises using subtle and polite notifications, it does not prevent those customers who are not wearing it from entering. The system only alerts member of staff that a person without a face-covering is entering the store and it is for management and members of staff to act in line with the latest governmental regulations.

Covered is designed to recognise whether a person is wearing a face-covering over their nose and chin using deep learning technology. This technology is programmed using a large number of officially sourced images teaching the system to recognise if a face-covering is present. This means that the product does not use facial recognition and no personal data is stored by either the business or Videcon. All Videcon’s products are installed by a professional network of installers, who are thoroughly trained on the complexities of GDPR and ensure all installations of systems are GDPR compliant.

To view the system in use, you can view a demo on the BBC website: (13 minutes in).