3KG Berry & Fruits Suet Pellets


Our new great value All Seasons Berry & Fruit suet pellets are certainly a highly nutritious food for your garden birds. Made from 100% human grade beef suets make these pellets are a real treat and our feather friends will soon be flocking to your garden for a taste of these delicious pellets. Crammed with essential fats, minerals, fruits and calcium, they are not only tasty but also bursting with goodness and will help the birds maintain healthy bones and feathers.

The Berry & Fruit All Seasons suet pellets are perfect for feeding during the cold Autumn and Winter periods and also for fledgling season when the young birds are looking for high energy satisfying foods. These pellets can be fed from the ground or table, added to seed mixes or fed from a nut or suet pellet feeder.

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Weight 3 kg