Your Garden In September

Jobs to do in the Garden in September:

1.Plant your Spring flowering bulbs, with a wide selection of varieties to choose from, plant out nice and early this month for a guaranteed super Spring display.

2.September is the perfect month for planting shrubs and evergreens.  The soil is still warm, enabling roots to establish quickly.  Water your new or moved shrubs regularly if the month is proving to be a dry one.

3. Help the birds prepare for winter.  Continue to put food out for them, maintaining a plentiful and regular supply.  Keep bird tables and feeders nice and clean to prevent the spread of disease and supply fresh clean water for them to drink and bathe in.

4.Keep up with mowing the lawn, but as growth will be slowing down raise the height of your mower blades.  September is also the perfect month for laying or sowing a new lawn.  Carry out basic lawn care this month to prepare the grass for winter.  Aerate with a fork or lawn aerator and add an Autumn top dressing and fertiliser.

5. Cut back faded and untidy perennials and deadhead flowers to keep your garden looking as tidy as possible at this time of year.  This is the best month to divide perennials.  Cut the clumps with a sharp spade and carefully split the roots apart to create new plants to move to other areas of the garden.

6. Summer bedding plants will be finishing. Time to prepare your Autumn/Winter displays.  Pansies, Primroses, Polyanthus, Bellis, Heathers are all available now to bring fresh, new colour to your containers and baskets.

7. Remove fallen leaves and garden debris from ponds.  Cover with a net if necessary as rotting debris reduces oxygen levels, reduces water quality and encourages disease.  Feed fish a high protein feed to help prepare them for Winter.

8. Harvest your onions.  Storing in a dry cool place in net bags to allow them to dry out. You can plant your Autumn onion sets this month. Raise pumpkins and squashes off the ground, placing them on a piece of wood or slate to enable maximum ripening and prevent them rotting before you harvest them.

9. Pot up summer Geraniums, Fuschias and Osteospermums from your borders.  By moving them to a frost free place or bringing them indoors to overwinter you will be able to enjoy their fabulous blooms next summer, saving money on replacing them as well!

10. Give your hedges, conifers and topiary a final trim before winter.  Always use sharp secateurs or pruning shears to prevent bruising which will cause the plant to turn brown.