Your Garden in August

Gardening Tips For August

  1. The garden will be just past its flowering best now.  Tidy up your perennials as many will be looking rather untidy and unattractive by now, remove dead flower heads or cut right back if necessary. Save seed heads to cultivate more of your favourite plants from seed. Collect just as they begin to go brown and ripen, then store in a dry paper bag in a cool place to enable the seeds to dry out.
  2. Keep the water level in your pond maintained during hot spells as it can evaporate quite quickly. Top it up regularly and control floating pond blanket weed which can grow and spread very fast in warm conditions. Clean your pump and filter regularly to keep oxygen levels high and water clean.
  3. Keep feeding the Birds and provide fresh clean water for them to drink and bathe in.
  4. Lawns need to be mowed regularly to maintain a neat finish, this may be more than once a week right now, however in very hot dry conditions perhaps set your mower blades slightly higher.  Don’t worry if your lawn goes brown during hot spells with lack of water, they recover remarkably well and quite quickly even in prolonged dry periods.
  5. Remember to keep up with watering your containers and baskets.  August can be a hot dry month and compost can dry out very quickly.  During dry spells use water wisely and recycle washing up and bath water on your garden.
  6. Keep Tomatoes well watered and fed and the greenhouse well ventilated on warm days.  Regular and consistent watering is the key to preventing Blossom End Rot on your fruits.
  7. Keep picking and harvesting your fruit and veg when they are young and tender. Freeze any excess to avoid wastage.  Picking Courgettes when ready (apx 10cms long) will encourage extra flowers resulting in a bigger crop.  Harvest Onions and Shallots when their necks are papery and brown and leaves have begun to turn yellow. August is the last chance to plant some Beetroot to harvest in the Autumn.  Plant from seed direct into the Vegetable plot.
  8. August is a good month to grow some quick growing Salad Leaves for example Rocket and Lettuce.
  9. Continue to dead head Roses using sharp secateurs to give a clean cut and prevent disease.  Remove and burn any black spot infected leaves as it is too late to treat them chemically.
  10. The most important tip for this month however is to make some time to enjoy the fruits and labours of your garden. Sit back and Relax!