Your Garden In July

Gardening Tips & Advice For July

  1. The garden will be just past its flowering best now.  Once early Summer perennials (including lupins, cornflowers, poppies & hardy geraniums) finish flowering the can look rather unattractive. Cut them right down to ground level, it not only tidies them up but encourages fresh new growth and perhaps a second flush of flowers.
  2. Keep the water level in your pond maintained during hot spells as it can evaporate quite quickly. Top it up regularly and control floating pond blanket weed which can grow and spread very fast in warm conditions. Clean your pump and filter regularly to keep oxygen levels high and water clean.
  3. Keep feeding the Birds and provide fresh clean water for them to drink and bathe in.
  4. Keep on top of Pests, particularly Aphids, Greenfly and Blackfly and Caterpillars. You can avoid the use of chemicals if caught early enough. Remove the affected area or spray with diluted washing up liquid. Look out for early signs of plant diseases, particularly Black Spot on Roses, remove affected leaves showing any signs and burn them avoid composting diseased leaves.
  5. Mow your lawn each week to keep it looking at its best, but leave an extra week if it is particularly hot to give grass the chance to grow long enough and prevent scorch. Providing there are no drought conditions feed it regularly.
  6. Dead head summer bedding plants and perennials to prolong flowering and water and feed your containers and hanging baskets daily as they dry out very quickly.
  7. Begin to harvest fruits and vegetables. Many will be ripe and ready this month, including beans, peas, carrots, potatoes, strawberries etc. etc.  Pick as soon as they are ripe for maximum freshness then enjoy!!
  8. Care for growing tomatoes. Feed them regularly (particularly if leaves are yellowing) with tomato feed to encourage a healthy, bumper crop. Pinch out growing side shoots and remove leaves growing below the lowest truss of fruits. Keep your greenhouse well ventilated on hot sunny days.
  9. Trim hedging and topiary eg. Box, Privet and Euonymous and Leylandii to maintain neat trimmed edges or shapes as they will have lots of new green growth by this time in the year.
  10. Sow vegetable seeds outdoors such as carrots, beetroot, radishes, beans and lettuce.