Gardening Tips & Advice

  1. Mow your lawn weekly and trim lawn edges for a super neat and tidy look.  If your lawn needs a little TLC add a specialist lawn treatment available from our Garden Shop.  This will treat any moss and weeds but also feed the grass for a lusher green and healthy appearance.
  2. There is still plenty of time in June to add summer bedding colour to your garden and patio.  Our Bedding Plant department has an excellent selection of bedding plants and pre-planted containers and hanging baskets to choose from throughout the month. For an easy to care for summer bedding plant why not choose Geraniums?  Perfect in both borders and containers they grow well in all situations, resist pests and cope well in hot dry conditions. They flower abundantly throughout Summer right through until the Autumn.  They can also be kept in a frost free place over winter and planted out again for a burst of colour the following year.
  3. Fruit will be ripening this month, particularly Strawberries.  Pick your crop regularly – the more you pick the more will grow.  Protect ripening fruits from bird damage with netting and watch out for slugs and snails eating the fruits of your labour before you do!
  4. Don’t forget the birds in Summer, particularly in dry conditions when the ground can be very hard. Providing the birds with an extra source of food is very important. Remember to give them a fresh supply of water too. Not only to drink but to bathe in.  Always keep the water and container as clean as possible to prevent the spread of diseases and stagnant water forming.
  5. Many vegetables will now be ready to harvest.  Thin out your carrots, lettuce and beetroot to encourage larger sized crops.  Early potatoes will be ready to harvest. Pumpkins, Courgettes and Runner Beans can be planted out this month when all risk of cold weather has passed.
  6. Grow some tomatoes.  You don’t need a greenhouse to grow outdoor tomatoes. For fantastic home grown cherry tomatoes ‘Tumbling Tom’ variety can be grown in a container or hanging basket and are amazingly easy to grow. Just a couple of plants in a hanging basket will give an endless supply of cascading juicy cherry tomatoes. Or look out for Sungold, Shirley’s Discovery, Fantasio and Tigerella which are all compact bush varieties ideal for growing outdoors.
  7. Roses are in full bloom during this month, however their beautiful flowers can soon be blighted by pests and diseases.  Check them regularly for mildew, aphids, black-spot etc. and treat promptly should they show signs of attack.  Our Garden Shop stocks all the products you need to keep your roses in tip- top condition. If you need any advice on which treatment to use just ask a member of our Plant Team for help.
  8. If you have a pond remove any excess pond weed regularly.  Blanket weed in particular grows very fast during the warmer months of the year. Too much can cause problems blocking out light and oxygen.  A pond pump will oxygenate and filter the water and maintain a healthy balanced pond. Top up water levels in particularly warm conditions. Plant up baskets of Aquatic plants using specialist Aquatic compost.
  9. Keep greenhouses well ventilated during warm periods.  Open vents and doors. Apply shade paint to the glass for extra protection on hot sunny days. .